About our hub

The vision of the Hub is to develop a multi-purpose facility. We have the Aosd’ is Ùr charity shop, gym, launderette, café, Post Office, the new space for the local historical society and a community room/multi-functional space.

What started out as a dream is now becoming reality. In October 2015, the South Harris Community Council and Leverhulme Memorial School Parent Council called a public meeting to figure out what to do with the old Primary building at Leverhulme Memorial School which led to the creation of the Leverhulme Community Hub Steering Group and Board.

The Leverhulme Community Hub Board is comprised of local folk with many talents to bring to the project; Angus MacLeod (Chair), Catriona MacLennan (Vice-Chair), Stephen MacKinnon (Secretary), Andrew Belcher (Treasurer), Patricia MacLeod (Director), Rebecca Hutton (Director), Linda Armstrong (Director) and Donnie MacRae (Director).